Lester On Love

“If we want to be loved, the way to get it is to love. It is not only the very best method, but it is the only method. To receive love we must love because what we give out must come back. If I love you, I feel wonderful. If you love me, you feel wonderful. It’s the one who loves who feels great. So wanting to be loved is getting into a direction that can never be satisfied. The happy one is the one loving, the one giving.”

“Givingness is an attitude. We can always maintain an attitude of love. Most people who give are not giving lovingly. They’re giving because of the recognition they think they will get for giving: ‘Look at Me; I’m doing good’.”

The Greatest Givingness is Giving Understanding, Giving Wisdom

“If I give a starving person a meal, in a few hours they will need another meal again. However, if I give them the principle of how to produce for themselves, then they will never go hungry again.”

“This thing called love is your basic nature. All the love in the universe is in your basic nature. You will discover that happiness-your happiness-equates to your capacity to love, and conversely all your miseries equate to your need to be loved. Just love, love, love and you will be so happy and healthy and prosperous. Remember, you need to release your non-love feelings. Try it, you will like it.”

“One of the things that happened in my process to love all was I discovered my identification with others. I saw that we are all related, we are all inter-connected. Each mind is like a radio broadcasting and receiving station; that we are all tuned into each other unconsciously-that we are just not aware of it. I also saw that life was meant to be beautiful…meant to be happy all the time with no sorrow. And to be with perfect health. And so after reaching that high point of understanding in 1952, I have wanted to help others to discover what I had discovered.”

Quotes by Lester

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